Bible College

Welcome to Christian Hope Ministries College of Theology (CHMCT), a satellite extension of the North Carolina College of Theology (NCCT), Wilmington N.C.

Our vision is to reach out to our communities, states, countries, nations and the world with a life-changing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, fulfilling the great commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Here at CHMCT in collaboration with NCCT, we are committed to provide biblical training in an effort to equip the saints to fulfill their calling.

I have personally come across believers who have expressed to me that a chosen person of God, bible college education is not necessary to fulfill a call because when God calls He also equip. I would like to share the following reasons with you why Bible College education is important.

* A Bible College is one of the best educational environments and process for the Church at large to partner with Christ in raising up leaders.

* The task of spiritual formation, theological and biblical preparation is best facilitated within a Bible College setting.

* With thousands of people groups being beyond the reach of current economic trends and missionary activities, the need to train and equip saints must be a priority.

Therefore in order to ensure we remain viable into the future, we must

  • Be committed to training men and women for ministry, mission and the workplace
  • Be innovative in providing education options. We must assist students to progress through their training experience with as many “hands on” learning experiences as possible. Mission trips, ministry placements, semesters abroad and other initiatives.
  • Create an environment of vibrant spirituality in which students are led into relationship and worship to God and fulfillment of His call into service.

I believe theses and other innovative commitments will ensure the long term viability of CMCT and provide a training option in excellence.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to unpack my heart and vision. I consider it a privilege to be leading the work of God in this ministry. To do so, we need your friendship, support and prayers, in a continued effort to ensure stability in maintaining and recovering its potentialities.

You can download the Tuition Plan (279 downloads)  and Application (272 downloads)  in case you want to increase more the knowledge in God’s Word

I trust that this open letter will help you engage with us into the future.

May the Lord richly bless you!

Dr. Eric Minta

Satellite President

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